As i walked into the dungeon, a wave of fear rushed towards my mind. I was locked there, maybe for the rest of my life.  There is no way back for me now...


Keys: WASD/Arrows to move


Graphics & code: PixelArtM

Music: Bibiki

works best in the Chrome browser

made for Midnight (Bitsy jam) with Bitsy –

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(69 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withBitsy
Tags1-bit, 1bit, Atmospheric, Bitsy, Dark, html5, Pixel Art, Spooky


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I love this! The aesthetic and simplicity is perfect ^.^

Letting You know, I "might" have made a recommendation for your game...

Oh. wow! This is a very nice small dungeon puzzle experience. I really liked it.

Thanks for the kind words! and for recommending my game ^_^

Well. your game is just so brilliant that I just had to <3

What a beautiful dungeon! Musik is great too. Loved the math puzzle. Beautiful work!



Maybe I add more levels in the future ^_^

Wow that was great! Really looks like one of those old games (a la Gauntlet), I love how you've used rooms to make things appear!

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how did you make the dungeon generate??

like, when it was black, then you walked into the room and then you could see it.


edit: i scrolled down and figured it out lol

you discovered my secret XD

This is absolutely wonderful. I loved the aesthetic, the “fog of war” and the puzzles. How. Did. You. Make. Something. This. Good?! 👏👏👏👏


Really loved this game...had zero clue what Bitsy was until I found this game and it just brought me down the rabbit hole of Bitsy games. Really love the art style in this and the smaller math games. How did you get the fog of war technique to work?


Thanks :D

Every step is a new room.

ahh ok cool that makes sense! thanks for the info! I'm playing around with it now and its a lot of fun to figure it out.

My god, that is brilliant. Wow!

Best game, love the art, love the gameplay.

Thanks! :D

Any game that reminds me of the ZX Spectrum is a winner, in my books! Lovely atmosphere too.  I included this in a write-up of Bitsy games which you can read here if you so choose.

Thank you! I love ZX Spectrum graphics too ^_^


Honestly incredible, and inspiring. trying out bitsy for myself and this is just lovely :) 

I’m in the same boat. And yes, this is REALLY inspiring.

i love the style!!! the art looks so dang good!! and i love the movement through the game and the little mini games! this was so rad!


Thanks! ^_^

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Really well done. Very clever design. Great job!

I loved this! I'm very intrigued to know how you made stuff like the key have more than 2 frames on it's animation. Could you please share your secret? :)


Thanks! ^_^

You can add more frames as text in the Game data tool ;)

Thanks a lot! :D

Really fun! I really liked the puzzles and how silly some of the solutions are.

really nice! i tried the puzzle games too. I came the idea : when player walked towards a room, the room appeared a bit like the form in your game! Its a interesting coincidence~ But i think your expressions is better then me. (try not jealous~ :p)


I played your game yesterday and I loved it ;)


really well made! it's so satisfying to see the main room of the dungeon fill out as you play



I appreciate that a lot coming from you ^_^

Nicely done! If you don't mind it, I am going to check the source to see how you did some of the transitions.

Very inspiring!


Thanks! No problem ;)

Crazy good man

Thanks! ^_^

one of the best games I've played designed in Bitsy so far

The pixel art is so clean! I liked all the little sub-quests, and how they linked together in a satisfying way. 

Very cute! Lovely work with so few pixels and frames.

nice work! i love the equation room, it's interesting.

I just finished it. Expertly crafted, well done!

Very well done! I'd love to know how you made the key mechanic and characters disappearing when you give them items work, because I was so wanting to put stuff like that in my game.

I too am wondering this.

I think when you pick up a quest item, the game teleports you to a different room that looks the same, but the enemy is now an item. 

Very good explanation ;)

Just and exit in the same place of the item to pick. The new room has an item with the same picture of the sprite

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so glad you like it! :D