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Any game that reminds me of the ZX Spectrum is a winner, in my books! Lovely atmosphere too.  I included this in a write-up of Bitsy games which you can read here if you so choose.

Thank you! I love ZX Spectrum graphics too ^_^

Honestly incredible, and inspiring. trying out bitsy for myself and this is just lovely :) 

i love the style!!! the art looks so dang good!! and i love the movement through the game and the little mini games! this was so rad!


Thanks! ^_^

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Really well done. Very clever design. Great job!

I loved this! I'm very intrigued to know how you made stuff like the key have more than 2 frames on it's animation. Could you please share your secret? :)


Thanks! ^_^

You can add more frames as text in the Game data tool ;)

Thanks a lot! :D

Really fun! I really liked the puzzles and how silly some of the solutions are.

really nice! i tried the puzzle games too. I came the idea : when player walked towards a room, the room appeared a bit like the form in your game! Its a interesting coincidence~ But i think your expressions is better then me. (try not jealous~ :p)


I played your game yesterday and I loved it ;)


really well made! it's so satisfying to see the main room of the dungeon fill out as you play



I appreciate that a lot coming from you ^_^

Nicely done! If you don't mind it, I am going to check the source to see how you did some of the transitions.

Very inspiring!


Thanks! No problem ;)

Crazy good man

Thanks! ^_^

one of the best games I've played designed in Bitsy so far

The pixel art is so clean! I liked all the little sub-quests, and how they linked together in a satisfying way. 

Very cute! Lovely work with so few pixels and frames.

nice work! i love the equation room, it's interesting.

I just finished it. Expertly crafted, well done!

Very well done! I'd love to know how you made the key mechanic and characters disappearing when you give them items work, because I was so wanting to put stuff like that in my game.

I too am wondering this.

I think when you pick up a quest item, the game teleports you to a different room that looks the same, but the enemy is now an item. 

Very good explanation ;)

Just and exit in the same place of the item to pick. The new room has an item with the same picture of the sprite

I Finished, Well done :)

so glad you like it! :D